Honors Forum

HFC MINUTES  -- February 1, 1999


Michael Arnush, Phil Boshoff, Fran Hoffman, Emily Levy, Chris McGrath, Rory McVeigh, Jon Ramsey, Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald.

The Meeting began at 9:00 am, Faculty/Staff Lounge.

Meeting to review course proposals for Fall 1999 semester.

- The Tom Lewis/Larry Hott presentation on "Divided Highways" was a success.

List of proposals to HFC:

Designate course as HF and add one credit as the Honors  component as HF 200 Honors Forum Workshop.

 The Council needs to get back to Jennifer to clear up 2 issues:

  1. - the level of the students' engagement

  2. - ways to assess the type of work the students will be doing to make

   it Honors.

All courses that were offered Fall '98 will be offered this coming Fall.
Other courses to be discussed via email:

The Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am, next meeting to be announced via email.