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HF271 and HF272


Currently, students may do independent study work at the 300-level; typically such work is reserved for juniors and seniors. First-year and sophomore members of the student body who are exceptionally qualified to do independent research with a faculty member would do so in an in-depth fashion at the 200-level. Students would be expected to engage a subject matter with the same depth and commitment as they do in other 200-level Honors courses.


This independent study carries variable credit. The student matriculating in the independent study with the consent of the faculty member overseeing the independent study will include in the proposal to the Honors Council the number of credits and the rationale (typically, one hour/week = one credit except in studio art and laboratory science, where two hours/week = one credit).

As with 300-level independent studies, this 200-level opportunity open to first-year and sophomore students will provide an introductory experience in advanced research in any academic discipline at the College. The Honors Council will require the following from students proposing such an experience: