Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)                                                                                                                     
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HPAC Faculty

Alice Buesing Alice Buesing, Academic Counselor, Higher Education Opportunity Program
(518) 580-5770
Denise Evert Denise L. Evert, Associate Professor of Psychology
(518) 580-5303
Pat Fehling Patricia Fehling, Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences, Chair of Committee
(518) 580-5276
Raymond Giguere Raymond J. Giguere, Professor of Chemistry
(518) 580-5125
Sara Lagalwar Sara Lagalwar, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
(518) 580-8312
Elaine Larsen Elaine Larsen, Teaching Associate, Biology
(518) 580-5072
Kendrah Murphy Kendrah D. Murphy, Assistant Professor of Physics
(518) 580-8121
Bernie Possidente Bernard P. Possidente, Professor of Biology
(518) 580-5082
T.H. Reynolds T.H. Reynolds, Associate Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences
(518) 580-8349
Shannon Rodriguez Shannon Rodriguez, Associate Director for Pre-Professional and Graduate Study
(518) 580-5790
Kelly Sheppard Kelly Sheppard, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(518) 580-5135
Patti Steinberger Patti Steinberger, Teaching Associate, Biology
(518) 580-5081