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Physical Therapy (PT) Course Requirements

Always check for specific course requirements for each school you are going to apply to—this is only a guide.

Class Semesters Skidmore Course (s) Notes
General chemistry two semesters with lab at the general chemistry level or higher CH 125 or 126
Additional CH course
Must take General Chemistry Placement Diagnostic; for second semester CH 221, CH 232, or CH 251 are possibilities.
General biology two semesters with lab BI 107 BI 108  
Microbiology one semester with lab BI 246

For Sage Colleges program, BI 242 or 247 could be in place of BI 246.

General physics two semesters with lab* PY 207 PY 208 Must take calculus I and II (or place out of them) to take physics at Skidmore.
Anatomy and physiology two semesters with lab HP 126 HP 127 Although HP 126 is offered in the fall and HP 127 is offered in the spring, you do not need to take the courses in that order.
Intro to psychology one semester PS 101  
Psychological disorders, developmental, child development or adult development one semester PS 214, PS 206, PS 207, PS 209 Check individual schools—this requirement can vary quite a bit.
Statistics one semester MS 104  


Skidmore College currently has an articulation agreement with Sage Graduate School for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. This articulation agreement enables Skidmore students to complete requirements of the baccalaureate program at Skidmore and, after graduation, enroll in the Sage DPT Program at Sage Graduate School. To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

Prerequisite Science Courses
HP 126 & 127 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II
PY 207 & 208 General Physics I & II
CH 125 or 126 Principles of Chemistry
Additional Chemistry (CH 115, CH 214, CH 221, or CH 251)

Additional Prerequisite Courses
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology
PS 207 Introduction to Child Development
MS 104 Introduction to Statistics

If you are pursuing physical therapy programs outside of the articulation agreement, please research your programs of interest, as their requirements may vary.


If you are pursuing programs outside of the articulation agreement, you should consider completing the General Records Exam (GRE). This exam is a computer-adaptive test offered hundreds of times per year in a variety of locations. There is a fee-reduction program that discounts the exam by 50% for those who qualify. Please note: You must apply for fee assistance well in advance of taking the GRE, at least 30 days.