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Ask HR: Top 5 FAQ's

  1. I forgot my username or password for the careers website, how do I reset it?
  2. Where can I find the employee handbook?
  3. Where can I find a list of benefits Skidmore offers?
  4. Where can I find the forms I need to sign up for benefits?
  5. When is the next PQ meeting?
Human Resources

The Roles Of Human Resources at Skidmore College

Strategic Partner

  • Understand the functions of the organization
  • Be present in decision making processes
  • Strategize execution of actions
  • Provide value added HR resources
  • Think independently while working collaboratively
  • Ensure capacity for implementation of campus Strategic Plan and Initiatives
  • Assist with inter & intra organizational dynamics

Change Agent

  • Help the institution work positive change
  • Build capacity for change
  • Help with renewal and transformation
  • Help individuals and organizations "cope" with change
  • Build flexibility into people, organizations and processes
  • Provide facilitated opportunities for leaders and employees to prepare for and make change

HR Administrative Expert

  • Confront & solve problems knowledgeably, creatively & ethically
  • Deliver competitive, financially responsible benefitpackage
  • Administer fair & equitable employment practices
  • HR Negotiate & Administer win-win labor contracts
  • Manage data records effectively
  • Provide value added training & development opportunities
  • Administer fair, equitable & consistent total compensation practices

Employee Advocate

  • Listen to employpees' concerns, issues & ideas
  • Ensure employee voices are heard
  • Ensure employees are treated fairly & with dignity & respect
  • Be employee champion & advocate
  • Ensure resources are available to meet needs of employees
  • Coach employees to be their own advocate with leadership
  • Help employees understand strategic decisions