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The Tuition Exchange Program

What is the Tuition Exchange Program?

Over 600 undergraduate colleges nationwide participate in the Tuition Exchange Program.  Participating institutions allow other employees' legally dependent children to attend their institution tuition free or on a prorated basis once they are admitted and granted a Tuition Exchange (TE) slot.  Room/board and other fees are the responsibility of the student.  This Program may be available to your dependent child if you have at least 3 consecutive years of full-time employment.

Participation in this program is not an employee entitlement. 

Your child must first apply to the College of choice through their Admissions Program, and be accepted through the TE Program.  Please keep in mind that while many of our employees' children have used the Tuition Exchange Program, the College of choice could accept your child as a student but not have an open Tuition Exchange slot available.

Where Do You Apply for the Tuition Exchange Program?

Information and applications for this Program can be obtained in the Financial Aid Office or on their website.  There is also a link to the application below.  An application for a TE scholarship is sent by the Financial Aid Office to the school(s) considering your child.  Awards are competitive and not automatic.

Additional Information

For additional information on this benefit, please refer to the Employee Benefits Summary, the FAQ noted below, and the Tuition Exchange link noted below.  Questions can be answered by the Financial Aid Office.

Tuition Exchange Application and FAQ

Tuition Exchange Program