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Skidmore College Position Questionnaire (PQ) Review Process

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As of June 2010 - For those departments and employees wishing to
update their PQs, please remember you must have your President's
Cabinet Member approve the PQ prior to the PQ going to the PQ
Committee.  Please contact your Cabinet Member prior to working
on the PQ.

Reminder: Any changes made to PQs must be sent to Human
Resources (HR) to update college records and to assess if a full
PQ review by the committee is warranted.

Skidmore College has a position description review process designed to systematically compare jobs on the basis of 5 common factors that represent what the College considers to be of value.  These are called "compensable factors" and include 1. responsibility for results, 2. complexity, 3. relationships, 4. application of knowledge, and 5. resource management (considered for Exempt positions) and environmental elements (considered for Non Exempt positions).

Job Facts are usually obtained by descriptions provided through the completion of Position Questionnaires (PQ) and, at times, by direct interviews with Employees and Supervisors.  The PQ is the source document utilized to re-evaluate a position.  Two PQ committees Exempt (A/P) and Non-Exempt (SS) have been appointed to review PQs submitted for re-evaluation.  These peer advisory committees are made up of employees representing a cross section of the relevant College community.

The PQ review process is to be used for evaluating newly created positions, recently vacated positions and positions that evolve over time as an employee's responsibilities change to meet departmental needs.

The PQ review committees normally meet the second Tuesday of the month for Exempt/AP positions and the second Wednesday of the month for Non-Exempt/SS positions. Please submit PQ change requests to Human Resources at least one week prior to a scheduled meeting (PDF).

Human Resources (HR) recommends Employees and Supervisors review an employee's PQ during the Performance Review Process.  It is a supervisor's responsibility to go through this process for new positions and recently vacated positions if changes in the position have occurred.  Information on Hiring Guidelines can be found at:


The PQ Form

Employee or Supervisor
(Please note: An Employee or Supervisor may take the initiative in starting this process.  However, it is a supervisor's responsibility to go through this process for new positions and recently vacated positions.)

Note: Financial Services protocols require that the person who spends a department's dollars cannot be the individual that monitors the finances of the department.  Following Financial Services protocols, it is typically the department head or chair that maintains the responsibility for monitoring the department budget.



The PQ Review

Employee and Supervisor

Human Resources

PQ Committee (Exempt and Non-Exempt) 


The PQ Decision







NOTE: Employees and Supervisors may appeal the decision of either committee directly to the HR Director

  1. The Director will review the information in the appeal, the committee information and make a decision following the PQ protocols.
  2. Appeals should be made in writing and filed in a timely manner.
  3. The committee decision stands unless there is an appeal approved by the Director of HR.

Updated: 4/2013