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  • New York's votes could make history
    Political scientist Christopher Mann tells why New York State--and the Capital Region--is feeling the love of presidential candidates. Read More.
  • Economist Joerg Bibow writes about the Greek debt crisis
    "The Euro was not meant to be a prison," says Professor Bibow in this essay for "The Conversation." Read More.
  • Professor Jim Kennelly advocates for the arts
    Writing in the "Irish Examiner," Kennelly reminds readers of the importance of Ireland's cultural assets. Read More.
  • Dan Nathan talks to CNN about Baltimore, after the riot
    American Studies Professor Dan Nathan, a longtime Baltimore Orioles fan, reflects on the healing properties of sport and a wounded city in this CNN story. Read More.
  • New York Times: The Math of March Madness
    Michael Lopez, a statistics professor who uses algorithms in sports analysis, captures the attention of The New York Times for his take on "bracketology." Read More.
  • Yahoo News: Maya mural reveals ancient 'photobomb'
    In the February issue of the journal Antiquity, Skidmore Professor Heather Hurst and co-authors find a surprise in a 1,250-year-old Maya mural. Read More.
  • What happens when you stop exercising
    Within a week your muscles lose some of their fat-burning potential and your metabolism slows down, says Paul Arciero, an exercise science professor at Skidmore College. Read More.
  • Local coaches making a difference in young girls' lives
    The rewards of coaching young women and influencing their lives are seen in several Capital District coaches, including Skidmore's Beth Hallenbeck. Read More.
  • The future of India-Pakistan relations
    The Peshawar massacre offers India and Pakistan an opportunity to recast their relationship, writes Yelena Biberman-Ocakli, visiting assistant professor of government, in World News Report. Read More.
  • 'Wizard of Oz' as American myth
    In Smithsonian magazine, Megan Williams, visiting professor of history, describes Dorothy's defeat of the witches as a story of emancipation. Read More.
  • Corita Kent opens in Pittsburgh
    NPR talks with Tang Museum Director Ian Berry about the acclaimed Corita Kent show he curated, opening at the Andy Warhol Museum. Read More.
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Skidmore theater alums earn critics' praise for "Coosje"

Theater troupe No. 11 Productions scores big at Capital Fringe Festival with "Coosje." Ryan Emmons '08 directs and Danny Tieger '08 pens songs for multimedia piece on love and art.

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