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Ellie Nichols, Class of 2014

During the spring of 2013 I did an internship at Art + Commerce. Through this hands-on experience, I learned a lot about how a successful business operates and how to interact with managers, clients, and co-workers. My work was with the production side of Art + Commerce. As an intern, I was able to go on location and scout for upcoming shoots, as well as assist on the photo shoots. In addition, I helped in-office management with tasks like billing, hospitality work for clients (i.e. booking hotels, arranging flights), and spreadsheet work. I also assisted the on-site casting director by photographing models for castings and composing InDesign and PhotoShop images for clients. Each day pulled on my knowledge of international business because each client was from a different country, which required that I know the etiquette of each respective country. In addition, I had to translate documents from Italian to English and later into French. The fashion industry is a huge player in the international community, and I am happy I was able to experience this first hand.  

Ellie Nichols      Ellie Nichols