Information Resources Council

Created in 1994, the Information Resources Council (IRC) is the principal planning and oversight group for all aspects of the College's information resources.


Function: To recommend to the College policies and plans regarding information resources, including their ongoing assessment and renewal, and thereby to serve as the College's chief policy-recommending and planning body for information resources; to provide a forum in which the senior administration of the College, the directors of the various information resource centers, and the users of information resources may engage in substantive deliberations to ensure that the College reaps fully the benefits of modern integrated information resources and external networks; to review and revise the College's long-range plan for information resources on a regular basis. The IRC may appoint task forces to address particular aspects of its mission as it deems appropriate. In instances where faculty will be appointed to such task forces, the IRC will inform the CFG of the appointments. In the case of educational policy and planning issues, including issues concerning the library, the IRC will coordinate its consideration of such issues with that of CEPP and will submit proposals for CEPP's approval. Ordinarily, meetings of the IRC will be open and advertised in advance.


Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty (Chair)
Vice President for Business Affairs
Registrar & Director of Institutional Research
Director of CITS
College Librarian

4 faculty members appointed for 4 year terms
A representative of Special Programs, appointed by the Dean of Special Programs

2 students appointed by SGA



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