IRC Reports and
White Papers

The Role of Information Resources in Undergraduate Education (12/95)
Offers an overview of the key planning issues and assumptions concerning the role of information resources in an undergraduate institution like Skidmore.
Information Resources Task Force Reports
The task force reports of 93-94 provide a master plan to guide planning for the 90's.
Progress report, December '95
Summarizes work done to implement the IRT Master Plan goals.
1997 Faculty Survey of Curricular Uses of Technology


1997 Computer Replacment and Purchasing Guidelines

1998 Program Review by Brian Hawkins
In January, 1998, the College commissioned Brian Hawkins (Brown University) to visit campus and prepare a report on the state of its information resources with recommendations for future work.
IRC Annual Report 1997-98

Liberal Arts Colleges Program:  Teaching and Technology: 1993 - 1997.  A Report by Alice Emerson and Elizabeth Duffy of the  Mellon Fund. (on-campus viewing only)

1998 Skidmore New Student Computer Familiarity Survey.  The findings of a biennial survey of the computer knowlege and background of the freshman class.

IRC Annual Report 1998-1999

2000 - 2001 Information Technology Capital Purchasing plans.

Report and Recommendations of the 1999 Information Resources Task Force

White paper on Distance Learning (5/2000)

Long term planning goals (5/2000)

IRC Annual Report 1999-2000

Web Management Policy (2002)