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Information Technology

Staff Directory

Note: all phone numbers are "(518) 580-xxxx".



The Chief Technology Officer is Bill Duffy. He can be reached at x5913.


Academic Technologies

Name Position Extension
DuPont, Beth Director 5917
Harwood, Ben Instructional Technologist 5934
Kendall, Aaron Instructional Technologist 5933

Enterprise Systems

Name Position Extension
Casertino, Joyce Senior Developer/Analyst 5924
Coleman, Paul Database Administrator 5926
Crider, Kevin Director, Enterprise Systems 5929
Clark, Zachary Systems Administrator (Linux) 5962
Grant, Micheal Systems Administrator 5916
Greene, Greg Oracle Programmer/Analyst 5982
Harfmann, Tom Assistant Director
Enterprise Systems - Applications
Kowalick, Tony Assistant Director
Enterprise Systems - Web Development
Lo Pinto, Lia Programmer/Analyst 5921
Osgood, Michelle Assistant Director
Enterprise Systems - Systems Administration
Reagan, Adam Web Programmer Analyst 5992
Rock, Jesse Web Programmer Analyst 5967
Wright, Scott Senior Database Administrator 5927

IT Administration

Name Position Extension
Coons, Kim Administrative Assistant 5908
Duffy, Bill Chief Technology Officer 5913
Marcotte, Tom Assistant Chief Technology Officer 5935

Media Services

Name Position Extension
Dinyer, Steve Evening Media Services Coordinator 5940
Forbes, Michael  Director 5943
Taylor, Ron Operations Coordinator 5940
Tse, Brian Media Services Technician 5941
Walker, D.J. Media Services Technician 5941

Network and Technical Services

Name Position Extension
Bauer, Mark Director 5996
Bornn, Peter Telecommunications Administrator 5988
Brizzell, Chris Assistant Director and Network Administrator 5994
Davis, Mike Card System Administrator 5998
Muller, Brien Card System Administrator 5997


User Services

Name Position Extension
Breslin, Chris End User Computer Specialist 5914
Briggs, Leon End User Computer Specialist 5923
Dorando, Kathy End User Computer Specialist 5922
Kinnin, Kathy Director 5995
Sabin, William End User Computing Specialist 5920
Sanders, John Help Desk Specialist 5932