Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Areas of Concentration

July 2011 MALS Seminar - Exhibit at Tang MuseumPursuing concentrations in every area of the liberal arts, our students work closely with faculty advisors to design individualized programs of study focused on those ideas, issues, and questions that they find most fascinating. Typically, students’ concentrations evolve as they progress through the program, changing directions in response to their developing understanding of the subject matter and their own interest in it.

The concentrations listed here are meant to offer a sampling of the courses of study that other MALS students have designed in the past. It is meant to give you a sense of the kind of program that you might create—but it is not a list of all the possible concentrations that could be created (that list would be endless). Our students do not choose from a list of prefabricated curricula; instead, they collaborate with their advisors to invent their own.


Photo: Kristin V. Rehder, MALS '12