Master of Arts in Liberal Studies


Recruited from among Skidmore’s most accomplished professors, MALS faculty serve as seminar leaders, independent study instructors, and faculty advisors. Many are drawn to the program by the chance to work with students marked by a rich experience and keen seriousness. One professor recently described his independent study with a new student (whose concentration focuses on the political implications of media portrayals of Islam) as “one of my most rewarding teaching experiences at the College.”

John Anzalone, Professor of Foreign Languages & LiteraturesHe was this 50-year-old investment banker, and the questions he asked came straight out of left field—straight out of his own, particular, individual experience—out of all the things he’d learned about the world. And because those weren’t the kind of questions I was used to hearing from my undergrads, the course was a crucial experience for me as a teacher. It kept me on my toes. It made my brain nimble. That student got me outside my intellectual box.

John Anzalone, Professor of Foreign Languages & Literatures


Sarah Goodwin, Professor of EnglishThis week was some of the best teaching I’ve ever done. We were all past our comfort zones, in a less predictable territory. Because we weren’t able to operate by habit, we had to pay sharper attention to what was in front of us.

Sarah Goodwin, Professor of English


Beau Breslin, Interim Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic AffairsSomething had happened so that the course wasn’t just about reading and discussing a historical document. We were thinking about who we are and who we really hope to be—as much as we were about the meaning of the words on the page. This is what these students taught me.

Beau Breslin, Interim Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs