Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Program Structure


Each student’s curriculum is unique; however, every program incorporates the same basic elements:

Introductory Seminar

A one-week, on-campus course during which students come together with a team of faculty to explore a predetermined central topic from a series of different disciplinary perspectives. After completing this brief residency, students return home to take the remainder of their coursework at a distance from the Skidmore campus. Learn more about the Introductory Seminar.


Every student in the Master of Arts Program collaborates with faculty advisors to choose a set of courses that work together to explore that student’s specific areas of interest. Students take these courses at a distance from the Skidmore campus in a variety of ways, through a range of modes of study. Students must also complete two in-class graduate courses at an approved institution of higher learning. Students may take additional MALS seminars on campus as in-class courses if appropriate. Learn more about the Coursework.

After completing their coursework, students draw together their studies in an interdisciplinary project. Typically research papers between 50 and 75 pages in length, these final projects may also incorporate a range of other media, including documentary films, fiction, poetry, and visual and performing art. Learn more about the Final Project.