Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Using your MALS Degree

After graduating from the Master's Program, students use their degrees to enter Ph.D. programs and professional schools, advance their current careers, and start new ones. No matter what they ultimately do with their degrees, however, students rarely come to the MALS Program solely to obtain a required credential. Typically, they come to Skidmore to study the things they love. For example, students who come to Skidmore are not looking for the easiest way to collect credits or obtain a certificate for teaching. Some are investigating the nature of creativity; others are researching the roles played by frontier women in 19th century politics or exploring the ways in which different cultures' relationship to death reveal their understandings of life.

Sharing Your Expertise

Many MALS graduates enjoy sharing their experience and expertise with their community, including taking on new responsibilities at work, pursuing further academic study, and participating in conferences and workshops. The Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs (AGLSP), "the professional organization of academic programs providing graduate interdisciplinary education in the liberal arts and sciences for working adults," welcomes the participation of MALS students, graduates, and faculty members, including as presenters at their annual conference. In 2011, the AGLSP Conference featured interdisciplinary discussions and projects that focused on water and was hosted by Skidmore College.