Master of Arts in Liberal Studies


July 2011 MALS SeminarBecause of the small size of the Master’s program, we are able to work closely with students as they plan and pursue their educational goals.  We seek applicants with the intellectual rigor required to handle serious, self-directed graduate study and the intellectual passion to contribute something significant as a result of that opportunity. Consequently, we pay special attention to the ways in which candidates write and speak about what they’d like to study and why they would like to study it.

We don’t ask candidates to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) because we don’t believe that it measures those qualities necessary to do well in this program—the ability to take initiative and follow through on challenges, the courage to choose the questions they care most about and to pursue them, the flexibility of mind to discover connections between seemingly disparate ideas, and the willingness to admit new ideas into their thinking.

Photo: Kristin V. Rehder, MALS '12