Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Tuition and Fees

Because MALS students pursue individualized programs and work at their own pace, the cost of the program varies depending on how quickly they complete their coursework and where they choose to take their in-class courses. On average, students complete the program in three years, at a cost of approximately $12,000 a year.

MALS students pay three kinds of fees:

  1. a seminar fee,
  2. a bi-annual tuition fee, and
  3. per course fees

For the 2014-2015 academic year, these costs are as follows:

Tuition Fees

Bi-annual Tuition Fee $3,780

Note: When students have completed all of their coursework, they will no longer be charged a bi-annual tuition fee and instead will be charged a one-time fee of $3,780 to cover the period during which they complete their final project.

Per Course Fees

Introductory Seminar, offered January and July (including Room and Board) $1,850
Independent Study (3 s.h.) $1,200
Internship (3 s.h.) $1,200
In-class courses: Tuition costs for in-class graduate
courses taken at other universities are paid directly to those
schools. No additional fee is paid to Skidmore College.
Final Project Fee $3,780
Transcripts sent at the student's request (each)

Financial Aid

To learn more or to apply for federal financial aid for your MALS degree, visit Skidmore College's Office of Financial Aid or contact Lisa Tuttle at 518-580-5750.


Students who withdraw from the program during the first two months of their enrollment will receive a refund of $1,000. Students who withdraw from the program after the first two months of their enrollment will not receive a refund.

Leave of Absence

Students encountering extenuating personal or medical circumstances may request a leave of absence of up to twelve months. This leave may extend for a period of no more than one year. Loan recipients should check with the Financial Aid Office regarding federal regulations that apply to their leaves. For more information, see the Student Handbook.

Privacy Policy

The Master's Program does not discuss academic or financial issues with anyone other than the enrolled student.