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Management and Business Department

The Zankel Chair in Management for liberal arts students

Current Holder: Pushkala Prasad

Established by Arthur Zankel, the Zankel Chair in Management for Liberal Arts Students is endowed specifically to build fundamental connections between the Department of Management and Business and liberal arts students at Skidmore, in recognition of the consonance between liberal arts education and the abilities needed to manage the challenges and opportunities of life beyond the College. Faculty appointed as the Zankel Professor will have management experience, either academic or in the business world, and will exemplify the affinities between the liberal arts and management and will teach a variety of courses, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary; for example, arts management, management and comparative government, management of nonprofits, etc. The Zankel Professor will develop and encourage means to integrate the study of management with areas both outside the Management and Business Department and beyond the classroom, enhancing students’ ability to employ management skills in their lives after college. The length of term for the Zankel Chair will be determined at the time of appointment. Members of the faculty will address nominations to the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will consult with the Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure, the department, and, when applicable, the program concerned, in making a recommendation.