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 Pushkala Prasad September 2014

Professor Pushkala Prasad - Summer conference brings interdisciplinary focus to business. Click here for more information.


Ela and Kate publication cover February 2014 

Katherine Imboden '13 and Professor Lepkowska-White published their research on the “Effective Design for Usability and Interaction: The Case of Art Museum Websites” in the Journal of Internet Commerce. Vol. 12, No 3, pp.284-305.  Kate conducted this research during her thesis studies with Professor Lepkowska-White in 2012/2013.  Kate is currently working at Nielsen Holdings.

Here is the abstract of their study:

'Marketing has been playing an increasingly important role in art museums operations given the current economic situation and a very competitive environment. To help art museums better market themselves online, researchers utilize cognitive map theory (borrowed from environmental psychology), which examines environments that humans want to explore. According to the theory, such environments are coherent, complex, legible, and mysterious. Based on an extensive literature review, the researchers develop coding categories that explore these characteristics in the online context. They content analyze 80 art museums selected at random using skip interval method to see if the sites are effective. The results support their hypothesis that art museum websites are coherent but could benefit by improving their complexity, legibility, and mystery aspects. The researchers provide managerial suggestions of how this could be done and offer recommendations for future marketing education that could address these issues.'

Jim Kennelly

Jim Kennelly, The Courtney and Steven Ross Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies (2014). His current book, launded on September 6, 2013 in Dublin by current Prime Minister Mr. Enda Kenny, is entitled The Irish Edge: How Enterprises Compete on Authenticity and Place.