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Management and Business Department

Caroline D'Abate

Caroline D'Abate

Contact Information & Background

Chair, Department of Management & Business
Associate Professor
Phone: 518-580-5119
Office: PMH 207






Current Courses

MB 107 Business Organization and Management


Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Organizational Studies, State University of New York at Albany
B.S., Business, Skidmore College

Selected Publications

Thurston, P.W., D’Abate, C.P., & Eddy, E.R. (2012). Mentoring as an HRD approach: Effects on employee attitudes and contributions independent of core self-evaluation. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 23(2), 139-165.

Eddy, E., D’Abate, C., & Thurston, P. W. (2010). Explaining engagement in personal activities on company time. Personnel Review, 39(5), 639-654.

D’Abate, C. (2010). Developmental interactions for business students: Do they make a difference? Special issues edition on the “Frontiers on Management Education” of the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 17(2), 143-155.

D’Abate, C. P., Youndt, M., & Wenzel, K. E. (2009). Making the most of an internship: An empirical study of internship satisfaction. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 8(4), 527-539.

D’Abate, C. (2009). Defining mentoring in the First-Year Experience: One institution’s approach to clarifying the meaning of mentoring first-year students. Journal of the First-Year Experience & Students in Transition, 21(1), 65-91.

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Prasad, P., D’Abate, C., & Prasad, A. (2007). Organizational challenges at the periphery: Career issues for the socially marginalized. In H. P. Gunz & M. A. Peiperl (Eds.), Handbook of Career Studies. Sage Publications.

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