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Management and Business Department

Requirements For Majors and Minors

The role of the Department of Management and Business at Skidmore College is to provide a distinctive undergraduate program in management and international business that builds on and enhances the liberal arts curriculum. Our aim is to prepare students to be committed to a process of life-long learning and to pursue rewarding careers in a technologically changing and culturally diverse world. To this end, the Department of Management and Business has created a learning environment that encourages the integration of management theory, research, and practice within a well-balanced program of study in the arts, sciences and humanities.

The department provides a foundation in core functional areas, advanced courses, and a wide variety of co-curricular learning opportunities. While all courses take into account the linkages across management disciplines, the cornerstone and capstone courses utilize an explicitly integrative approach. Permeating our educational offerings is an emphasis on international dimensions, discernment of ethical values, and development of communication skills. Flexibility in the program enables students to concentrate in a management discipline or pursue joint programs with other departments to prepare for careers and graduate education.

The program serves the larger Skidmore community by offering all students a conceptual basis for managing fiscal and human resources in scientific, artistic, human service, and business undertakings. Both in its presentation of foundation courses and in its upper-level courses, departmental offerings provide avenues for exploring the relationship between business and society. In addition, departmental faculty develop and contribute to a variety of interdisciplinary courses and programs. Thus, the Department of Management and Business serves not only its own majors, but adds depth, breadth, and value to the liberal arts education of students concentrating in other disciplines.

As a component of the curriculum, students have regular interaction with the business world in part through the department's Business Advisory Council. The introductory Cornerstone course and others involve integral participation by visiting business executives in course exercises. The department encourages study abroad, internships, and involvement in community projects to provide integrative learning experiences. Students who wish to prepare in the area of public accounting may take courses toward the satisfaction of the academic requirements for the examination.