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Management and Business Department
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What You Need to Know

Welcome to studying Management and Business (MB) at Skidmore! In this academic department, you’ll study the functional areas of MB (management, marketing, accounting, finance, and strategy) in context so you can become well-rounded leaders in an increasingly complex world. Some key things every MB student at Skidmore should know are…

Registration Info for MB Majors

The MB major was restructured in the last couple of years, so the changing requirements for the major are being rolled out over time. See Management and Business Majors page for a detailed explanation. This means each class year (2017, 2018, and on) has different major requirements. Pay attention to these different requirements and to what applies to you. For example, MB 240 is a new requirement for all MB majors for students who entered Skidmore in fall 2013 and beyond (Class of 2017 and on). Also, in the interest of enriching the global literacy of our students, MB majors entering Skidmore in fall 2014 and beyond (Class of 2018 and on) must take two world language/literature courses (WLL); the MB faculty requires that these students complete at least one of these WLL courses BEFORE they go abroad.

Note that the Management and Business Department strongly recommends MB majors not study abroad until their junior year. If you plan to study abroad in the Fall of your junior year, you must have successfully completed MB 234, one WLL course, and EC 237 or MS 104 or SO 226 (one required statistics course) before you leave. If you plan to study abroad in the Spring of your junior year, you must have successfully completed MB 234, MB 235, one WLL course, and EC 237 or MS 104 or SO 226 (one required statistics course) before going abroad. Students can opt to take their second required WLL course for the MB major either before you go abroad, while abroad, or after you return to campus.

The following courses may not be counted as satisfying one of the elective requirements of the major: MB 190 or ID 190, MB 240, MB 299, MB 360, MB 399.

Registration Info for MB Minors

To minor in business, students are required to complete MB 107, MB 214, MB 224, MB 234, and two additional courses in business, at least one at the 300 level. The following courses may not be used to satisfy any of these requirements: MB 190, MB 240, MB 299, MB 360 (effective Fall 2014), and MB 399. Minor requirements are posted here.

Need help?

Here’s who you should go to for help with particular issues. Please plan ahead and make use of faculty office hours (office hours are usually drop-in…no appointment needed). On the other hand, if you need an appointment with faculty outside of office hours, it helps to provide a day or two of notice.

Dr. Christine Page (Associate Chair): Go to Professor Page for any off-campus/study abroad questions, study abroad approvals, transfer credit approvals, internship approvals, independent study approvals, finding an advisor in the MB dept, and signatures on major/minor declaration forms. Any other issues should be addressed with your advisor or the MB Department Chair.
Office: PMH 265
Email: cpage@skidmore.edu
Dr. Tim Harper (Associate Chair): Go to Professor Harper for any/all other issues not listed under Professor Page.
Office: PMH 210
Email: tharper@skidmore.edu
Terri Kindl (Administrative Support Staff): If you can’t find Professor Harper or Professor Page, see Terri. She’s usually the person “in the know” about where we are or can direct you to who you need to talk to.