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Management and Business Department

Writing in Management and Business

Written communication skills are an essential part of education in management and business.  The Management and Business Department is committed to helping students enhance their writing skills in order to advance their ability to communicate in written form and to prepare them for their professional careers.  From the cornerstone course (MB 107) through the Department's 200 and 300 level curriculum to the capstone course (MB 349), business students are expected to write at a high level of proficiency.  Students will learn the conventions of writing in the discipline through an array of assignments, including case study analyses, strategic business proposals, literature reviews, critical essays, research papers, and financial forecasting and projections.  The Department provides each student with an Assessment Rubric that outlines standards and expectations for written assignments.  While the successful completion of MB 107 and MB 349 explicitly fulfills the writing requirement in Management and Business, the Department expects students to demonstrate writing competence in all departmental courses.