John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative
John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative

LI 113 A Workshop (McAdam, 10/2014)
LIB 113A Workshop

LIB 113

MDOCS & Visual Forum Lab 

LI 113 B: Workshop, 10/2014
LIB 113B Workshop

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Spring 2017 Hours

LIB 113 is a workshop and meeting space created to foster visual literacy
and documentary skills at Skidmore College. 

Host your workshop, bring your class for a meeting, get some advice, or just work on a project.

The Space & Equipment

LIB 113 has two separate meeting areas, as well as audio and video production items for use in MDOCS and Project VIS workshops, courses and activities. 

Student-led workshop
Student-led Workshop (fall 2014- listening in the library)


LIB 113 Student Assistants — staff LIB 113 ~30 hours/week during the semester and offer individual/group support and workshops.  Skills supported and presented in workshops include introductions to:

Please check here for a list of hours.

In addition, the Lab is open to faculty, staff, and students with individual or group assignments on an as-needed basis.  To schedule an event in this space, please place a request in the EMS scheduling system (Skidmore user login required; VPN if scheduling from off-campus).

While LIB 113 is not an open access area, it is a resource designed to support work across the curriculum and as possible the co-curriculum.  We welcome your proposals to host informal gatherings, screenings and discussions, and workshops, and will do our best to accommodate and create non-credit bearing experiences to help you advance your work!

What can you do? Who will you meet in LIB 113? Check out some activities  from Fall '14!