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Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

E. Recitals
3. Criteria for Departmental Honors

a. The College Catalog states: "Department honors for senior music majors are recommended on the basis of a distinguished academic career documented by department GPA (3.5 or higher for all work in MP courses; 3.5 or higher for all work in MU course), faculty recommendation, and a high level of accomplishment on a department approved senior project." A senior recital is one category of approved senior project.

b. If the faculty approves the recital audition or project proposal, the student continues preparation for completion of the recital in the spring semester.

c. Senior recitals will be attended by at least two artists-in-residence and other performance faculty who, along with other faculty members present, will evaluate the program's musical and technical merits as one aspect of consideration for the granting of departmental honors.

d. In order for a senior to present a recital for honors consideration, he/she must have met all other requirements for graduation as noted in the current catalog.

e. For students who wish their approved senior project to be a recital of their own compositions, the criteria for presentation of this program will be:

  1. The evaluation of the quality of the compositions by the teacher with whom the student is studying composition (or who has agreed to sponsor the student and oversee the project).
  2. If the quality of the work is deemed worthy of honors, that faculty member will then pass his/her recommendations to the full faculty for the student's work to be considered for approval.