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Self-Determined Majors in Music and Technology

You can major in Music Technology and Recording Arts at Skidmore through the flexibility of our "Self Determined Major" program. This allows eligible students to design an individualized course of study with the assistance of Professor Holland, Director of the Music Tech. Facilities at Skidmore. Your proposal must be reviewed and approved by the College's Self Determined Majors Committee and must meet the rigorous standards of that group. 

Following approval, you have the opportunity to modify requirements. Proposals for changes to the major are again reviewed/approved by the Committee. Working with the help of an additional faculty member who serves as the Chairman of the Self-Determined-Majors Committee, you can also add additional faculty as advisors if your area of study requires (physics, mathematics, computer science and similar areas can be included in your major). Skidmore has had many students design very successful majors in areas related to music technology, many of whom have gone on to exciting careers in the music industry. Past Music Tech. majors at Skidmore have designed majors in:

Please note: All Self-Determined Major Proposals in any field of study are subject to approval by the Self-Determined Majors Committee. In addition, all students presenting SDM proposals must have a minimum college GPA of 3.00. The Self-Determined Majors Program is considered to be an "honors" program and as such attracts highly motivated and accomplished students.

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