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Music Department


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Chair of the Department of Music: Gordon R. Thompson

Gordon R. Thompson

Associate Professors: Lei Ouyang Bryant, Benjamin Givan, Anthony Holland, Deborah Rohr

Assistant Professor: Luciane Beduschi

Visiting Assistant Professor: Elizabeth Macy, Evan Mack

Distinguished Artist-in-Residence: Pola Baytelman

Senior Artists-in-Residence: Joel Brown,
Michael Emery, John Nazarenko, Anne Zwick Turner, Jan Vinci

Visiting Artist-in-Residence: Brett Grigsby

Lecturers: *
Nancy Jo Davidsen, *Randall Ellis, Patricia Hadfield, *Elizabeth Huntley, *George Muscatello, *Josh Rodriguez, *Mark Vinci

Private Music Instructors: *Jonathan Brin, *Gene Marie Callahan, *Veena Chandra, *Mark Foster, *Will Hakin, *John Kirk, *Eric Latini, *Patrice Malatestinic, *Susan Martula, Michelle McLoughlin, *Michael Meidenbauer, *Patricia Miller, *Nathaniel Parke, *Michael Silvagnoli, *Richard Syracuse.

Choral Conductor: Katie Gardiner

Accompanists: Richard Cherry, Carol Ann Elze-Sussedorf, Patricia Hadfield

Research Associate: Benjamin Van Wye

* = part time