24-Hour Challenge sets new single-day record for gifts


24-Hour Challenge sets new single-day record for gifts

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Aiming initially to secure gifts from 501 donors in a single day (5/01), Skidmore fund-raising volunteers and staff more than doubled that number with contributors exceeding 1,000. In so doing, they earned a $100,000 bonus from several alumni and parents who - offering their support anonymously -- backed the 24-Hour Challenge to encourage more young alumni to participate in the Annual Fund.

Advancement staff members and volunteers worked past 3 a.m. to process gifts coming in from the West Coast. When the last gift was counted, the total stood at 1,038, the most gifts the College ever has received in a single day. Gifts made online nearly tripled the previous single-day record.

"This is a remarkable achievement that reflects the pride and commitment that young alumni feel for Skidmore," said Michael Casey, vice president for advancement. "We're grateful for this overwhelming show of support."

"We especially appreciate the timely challenges made sequentially by our anonymous alumni and parent donors that were so pivotal in sustaining the momentum throughout the afternoon and into the evening," he added.

The effort generated sufficient funds to award to deserving students four full scholarships, 24 summer research collaborations, or 30 funded internships.

In support of the Challenge, scores of alumni gathered in pubs in New York, Boston, and Saratoga Springs. One alumnus who wished to remain anonymous offered to match up to $5000 all gifts generated from these gatherings.

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