Celebration summary

Celebration summary

October 28, 2017

Celebration Weekend 2017 Parents walk with their student across the bright, autumnal campus greens.

From meeting with the president to watching student performers, from touring the campus environs to engaging with faculty in mini-seminars, students’ families and other visitors at Celebration Weekend 2017 got all sorts of glimpses into life at Skidmore. (Photos by Phil Scalia) 

Broadway tour
A guided tour of the historic mansions along the North Broadway approach to
Skidmore’s campus

Scribner Library book sale
A family dialogue over the offerings at the annual
Scribner Library book sale


president's hour
Families gather informally with each other and with
President Philip Glotzbach (at top-right), after the
and Q&A exchanges of the always popular
“president’s hour

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