Free speeches

Free speeches

November 10, 2017

Bridging cultures, mixing media and re-engineering will be discussed in public talks coming soon: 

Tayo Rockson
Tayo Rockson

Monday, Nov. 13: International Education Week keynote: “Cultural Competency for Millennials and GenXers” by Tayo Rockson, podcaster and CEO of UYD Management

Monday, Nov. 13:  “Interdicting Layered Networks: Reformulations and Applications” by Thomas Sharkey, industrial and systems engineering professor at RPI 

Garrett, New Age Basket No. 7
A John Garrett work in Woven World

Wednesday, Nov. 15: Panel discussion with gallery owners Shari Cavin and Randall Morris, as part of Woven World: Selections from Cavin-Morris Gallery 

Wednesday, Nov. 15: “Birth Stories” open forum, with Mb Antevasin, author of The Birth of Magdalena: A Journey Towards Healing in Three Trimesters 


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