Vis-à-vis: De-stressing

Vis-à-vis: De-stressing

December 14, 2017

To help everyone through study week before final exams, the d-hall hosted its traditional late-night Waffle Fest, and study baskets—care packages of snacks and toys—were ordered by parents and delivered to their students. Also, Student Academic Services and its peer coaches offered several time-outs, from cookie decorating to therapy dogs. The capper was a 9 p.m. event on Case walkway titled "The Scream." You can guess. Between such diversions, there was a lot of studying and paper-writing too. (Photos by Chris Massa)

Dog visits in the library bring comfort and joy, along with proven physical effects such as lowered blood pressure, elevated endorphins and hairy clothes.


Bottles of bubbles
Bottles of bubbles are key items in the goodie baskets ordered by parents for their students. The program, a fundraiser by the women's tennis team, includes assembling the packages and hand-delivering them to recipients' doors.


study basket
A study basket brims with drinks, munchies, toys, convenience items—and a personal note from the parents to their student.


"Spa and Tea"
A "Spa and Tea" session includes hand rejuvenation as well as massage and other feel-good body work.


Cocoa with whipped cream on top (candy-cane stirrers also available) warms up an afternoon in Case Center.


"Paint and Sip"
At the "Paint and Sip" event, students gather for an informal painting lesson and some socializing over mocktails.


One more dog photo, by way of reporting that the event was formally called "Doughnuts and Dogs."


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