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Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Coming Back

Re-adjusting to Your Old Life

Many of the feelings you may experience stem from the change you have undergone personally and ambiguity about how the new, changed you fits into your old life. It is important to remember that change is a positive thing. You have new ideas and a better sense of who you are. In some ways, study abroad has simply sped up the maturation process. The trick is to figure out how to incorporate your new perspectives into your life at Skidmore College.

There are several things you can do to feel comfortable once again in the United States while still retaining new knowledge and perspectives. First, don’t consider study abroad a singular experience; instead, look at it as the start of a lifetime of international experiences. Second, find ways to continue pursuing newfound interests. Make the most of the resources that exist for you at Skidmore and in the local community.

Here are a few ideas: