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Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Supporting Returning Students

There are many ways that you can show your support for study abroad returnees when they return to Skidmore. Students will continue to “unpack” their study abroad experience throughout the rest of their time at Skidmore and beyond. You can help facilitate this ongoing reflection process by showing an interest in their new perspectives.

Each semester, we’ll send you a list of the students in your department who have just returned. Here are a few ways you might engage with them:

Re-entry Anxieties

Students often face adjustment issues when they return from abroad, often referred to as “reverse culture shock”. Feelings can range from the sense that no one understands how they’ve changed to feeling panicked that they will lose part of their identity if they don’t have an outlet to pursue the new interests that were sparked abroad.

Every student’s reaction to reintegrating into life back on campus will vary but they may experience one or more of the following:

According to professionals in the field of International Education, 85% of people returning home have some kind of challenge with their re-entry experience, and of those, 15% have more serious difficulties adapting to their return. If you notice a student is having difficulty with his or her return, remind the student to think back to the adjustments s/he made to succeed while abroad. These same skills can help with coming home. Other things you can do:

If you feel a student requires further support, please encouraged him/her to seek professional help at the Counseling Center.