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Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Scribner Seminar, London FYE 2014

Looking at London: Contemporary Art in the British Capital
Katie Hauser, Associate Professor of Art History

London is known for its exciting art scene: a thriving art market and dynamic museums and alternative art spaces create a rich environment for creating and viewing art. In this seminar you will experience London through the eyes of its contemporary artists. Looking at contemporary art gives us the opportunity to learn about the artists who make it, the ideas behind it, how it gets bought and sold, and above all, how it represents and shapes the singular city, London. Therefore, you will get a taste of Victorian England; a glimpse into colonial Britain; an understanding of the finances involved in dealing and collecting contemporary art; and an awareness of the diverse city of London. This course involves studying the fascinating history of England and London, learning about the financial shenanigans of the art market, and experiencing, in person, some of the best contemporary art in the world.