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Skidmore in Paris

Paris Fall Seminar

In fall 2017, study in Paris with Skidmore Professor Hédi Jaouad from the Department of World Languages and Literatures. The fall 2017 Paris Fall Seminar, titled “Paris and its Margins,” allows students to experience another side of Paris, a side that is rarely looked at; it is the Paris of those who live on its margins. It is the Paris of immigrants and artists. Clearly, nothing compares with an on-site experience. This truism is particularly true of Paris, the most cosmopolitan place on earth. But there is Paris and Paris. Everyone is familiar with the tourist’s Paris of the Louvre and Eiffel Tower; in short, the Paris of monuments, high culture and lights. But there is the other Paris: underground, hidden and invisible but teeming with life and creativity. This is the Paris that enchanted Surrealist writers and artists. This is the Paris of today’s immigrants, mainly from North Africa. This is also the Paris that the Fall Seminar Director experienced as a student in the mid-70’s, the one that he would like to share with Skidmore students.

The Program and Seminar Director

The Seminar Director for the fall 2017 program is Hédi Jaouad, Professor of French and Francophone Studies, who specializes in French Avant-garde art and literature, especially Surrealism.

The Paris Fall Seminar program, offered every fall, is a faculty-led program designed to offer students an opportunity to study in Paris, even if they have little or no French language skills. The program is hosted by the IES Abroad French Studies Center, which is Skidmore’s onsite partner in Paris for the Skidmore in Paris programs. The Seminar Director position is filled by a different Skidmore professor each year, and past directors have come from the departments of Anthropology, English, History, Government, Philosophy, and World Languages & Literatures.


Skidmore students in parisParis Fall Seminar 2017
Paris and its Margins

The seminar courses will explore the North African experience in Paris, including the political, religious, educational and musical aspects, as well as examining the Surrealist art movement that began and flourished in Paris. This seminar is developed for students with little or no French and aims to provide an opportunity for students to experience Paris in a very special way. The program will make use of the incredible resources that Paris has to offer by integrating cultural activities and excursions into the core courses. Students live with French hosts to allow them to experience French life firsthand. 


Courses & Credits

Participants enroll in a total of four courses: a French language course, two seminar courses taught by the Professor Jaouad, and one additional course from the Skidmore in Paris: Liberal Arts, Language, & Business program. There is no French language requirement to apply for the Paris Fall Seminar − all courses, except the French language course, are taught in English. 

The 2017 Paris Fall Seminar program, Paris and its Margins, is made up of the following courses for a total of 15-16 credits: