Opportunity Program

Admissions Information

Applications should be sent directly to the Skidmore College Admissions Office, even if your guidance counselor has suggested that a HEOP/AOP office may wish to consider your application. After applications have been reviewed by the Admissions staff, they will forward to our office the folders of those students who might be academically and financially eligible for HEOP/AOP.

For specific Admissions Office deadlines and requirements, visit the College's General Admissions Information page. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 518-580-5570—or look for our recruiters at your next College Fair!

For the Class of 2007, Skidmore's HEOP/AOP considered 300 applications and enrolled 25. We consider all the factors that you would expect: your grades and class rank, the level of challenge of your coursework, the competitiveness of your high school, your Regents' or RCT test scores, and your SAT or ACT scores. For HEOP, we also need to consider your family size and income, and New York State residency. Those are the objective criteria. We also, as a staff, look into your teacher and counselor recommendations, demonstrations of your willingness to work hard and take responsibility for your education, intellectual curiosity, special talents or skills, and leadership and community involvement. HEOP/AOP students' motivation, potential, and energy, when combined with the special support systems available here, may be more responsible for their wonderful academic and social successes than more visible factors.