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Summer Academic Institute

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Students are offered one of two writing courses, determined by their spring term testing, reviews of high school papers, and scores on the verbal portion of the SAT or ACT.

HPC: Language Skills includes both basic grammatical skills and the writing of one- to two-page essays, and carries three credit equivalents.
HE 100: Academic Writing focuses on short essays and the use of sources and documentation, and carries three credits.


Two math courses are also offered, and with selection based on high school preparation, spring term testing, and math scores on the SAT or ACT.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Letter from Birmingham Jail


All students take HPG: Freshman Seminar, a personal skills and transition course, which carries three credit equivalents. They also enroll in HPG: Pre-First Year Seminar/Study Skills Workshop, which carries three credit equivalents and introduces students to the format and demands of the reading material and classroom settings of the First Year Seminar, the fall seminar required of all first-year students.



Academic-Year Courses

All HEOP/AOP students are registered in the summer for their fall courses, which include the First Year Seminar offered by the Skidmore faculty.  In addition, students who were enrolled in HPC: Language Skills in the summer continue on to take HE 100: Academic Writing (described above), while those who took HE 100 in the summer go on to take EN 103 from members of the English Department.

Also all HEOP/AOP first-year students enroll in HPF: Study Skills Workshop, offered by HEOP/AOP as a continuation of HPG from the summer. Students' other course credits can lead toward a potential major or fulfilling the all-college requirements.

For some second-, third-, and fourth-year HEOP/AOP students, the staff offers an informal, non-credit, weekly study skills course, to enable students to work in a concentrated and supportive setting. All other courses are the same as they would be for any non-HEOP student.

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