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So you want to be an ally?

An ally is a straight or cisgender person who supports LGBTQIA rights. This page is a toolkit for allies of LGBTQIA people. Whether you are new to this or have been around the block, everyone can learn something new to help become a better ally.

Remember: An Ally strives to...

We have put together a workbook that anyone can use to learn more about becoming an ally for Queer people. Whether you are a seasoned ally or just someone looking for some answers, this toolkit is a valuable source to use by yourself, in the classroom, with your student org, or with anyone else who wants to learn more.

What is LGBTQIA? Find out important definitions at GLSEN.

Celebrate Allies! National Ally Week is in October. This website has ways to celebrate allies, tips for being a good ally, and other resources for allies.