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"I Speak What I Like": Food for Thought Workshop Series

OSDP is excited to introduce our new workshop series. The goal of "I Speak What I Like" is to provide space for students to engage in open, honest, critical conversations outside of the classroom. In his groundbreaking manifesto "I Mix What I Like", Jared Ball pays homage to South African anti-apartheid journalist Steven Bantu Biko's collection of articles, "I Write What I Like." Like Biko, Ball seeks and finds tools to create "a consciousness meant to inspire a colonized population into spirited rebellion." Drawing on these works, OSDP's "I Speak What I Like" Food For Thought Series also seeks to develop "emancipatory tools for community resistance" to oppression. Can the Skidmore Community work together to deconstruct racism, classism, ableism, etc. among us toward a "spirited rebellion" against oppression?

"I Speak What I Like" provides space to consider academics, art, hot topics, forms of resistance, or can just serve as an open space for dialogue. If you're interested in facilitating or submitting requests for workshops, please fill out this form: Food For Thought Request

Information about our events can be found on the OSDP Facebook Page.