Palamountain Scholarship Benefit

2013 Palamountain Honorary Committee

As a member of the Honorary Committee, we have asked you to make a contribution to the event, to lend us your name as a supporter (which will be listed on the invitation and in the keepsake event program), and to encourage your friends to attend by putting together a table. 

Throughout history, Skidmore College has focused on providing a life-changing education for its students.  As Anne Palamountain has so eloquently said, Skidmore has an all-encompassing mission:  to help our students develop the skills and talents, as well as the compassion and understanding, to meet the daunting challenges they will face as our next generation of leaders.  Skidmore is committed to fulfilling the financial need of those outstanding students who will enrich the Skidmore and Saratoga Springs communities, and has increased the College's financial aid budget by more than 110% since 2003, to $36 million this year.  2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the historic Saratoga Springs Racetrack, as well as Anne's 90th birthday.  We will be feting both at the 34th Annual Palamountain Scholarship Benefit, Polo by Twilight.

Polo by Twilight promises to be a memorable evening filled with sumptuous dining, tempting auction items, and magnificent polo.  Together we can help ensure that the scholarship fund continues to flourish.

Golden Mallet

Keith and Terry Thomas Fulmer '76
Phil and Marie Glotzbach
Sally and Larry King
Jeffrey Maron '84
Sara Lee Schupf '62
Linda and Michael Toohey
Susan Kettering Williamson '59
Beverly Blickman Yunich '42

10 Goaler

Florence Andresen '57
Barbara McIlveen Baldwin '61
Richard J. Bartholomew
Susan Gottlieb Beckerman '67
Rosemary Bourne '60
Sharon Walker Boyd '66
Charles and Charlotte Buchanan
Robert and Joan Layng Dayton '63, PA'90, '93
Dana Thrush Foote '83, PS'17
Peter Gould
Nancy Hamilton '77 and Chip Babcock
Canon Kay Carol Hotaling
Maxine Isaacs '69
Emily Farnham Mastrianni
Marianne Mustafa '94 and Kyle Kordich
Mr. and Mrs. William Orthwein '91, '92
Virginia Kraft Payson and David Cole
Ron and Michele Riggi
Lew and Pat Titterton
Janet Lucas Whitman '59, PA'87
Thomas C. Wilmot Jr. '99

Polo Player

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Behrendt
Cynthia Corbett
Nancy and Gary DiCresce
Mary and Gary DiSanto-Rose PA'12
Nan Guslander
Leighton S. Jordan '78
Mark and Polly Skogsberg Kisiel '62
Elliott and Cathy Masie
Thomas and Diana Ryan
Dugan and Lynn Doe Shipway '70
Carla H. Skodinski and Michael M. Fieldman
Mr. Lance and Mrs. Bernadette Sprinkle
Judi Stephenson
Ed Swyer

Polo Pony

Eugene Baker
Maryann Bell
Bentley & Sara Hallberg Boivin '96
Clark W. Brink, C.B. Enterprises of Saratoga
Joel and Peggy Brown PA'00, '05, '09
Raymond H. Bryan '94
Jack and Meg Nichols Carrothers '67
Barbara M. Casey
Elaine Pantages Conti '79
Charlene Wood Courtney '83
Diana Clark Crookes '69
Kathy and Charlie DiSanto
Tamie and George Ehinger
Mary Ellen Fischer and Eric J. Weller
John and Terry Forester
Leslie Forester
Anne C. Furman
Sibyl Waterman Haley '71
Karen G. Hess UWW'93
Jon and Christine Hoek
Madelyn Puliver Jennings
David and Traci Jersen
Jacqueline Jung '61
Robert M. Ladd PA'83
Darlene Landry
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Liebers
Joann M. Long PA'82
Marcia and Jerry MacDonald
Beverley Mastrianni '76
Helen and Guy Mastrion
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Oxley
David and Helen Porter
Jean and Don Richards
Margie and Michael Rotchford
Saratoga Casino and Raceway
Tom and Kristie Roohan, Roohan Realty
Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Dee Sarno
Holly Schwarz-Lawton
Joseph T. Sims
Harry and Helen Snyder
Margaret O'Meara Storrs '57
Ron and Margie Stribley
Harvey P. Turner
Patricia Tuz and Jon Weilbaker
Carrie Van Kloberg '68 and Scott Hinkle
Charlie and Mary Lou Wheeler
Supervisor Joanne Yepsen
Joanna Schneider Zangrando

As of 5/22/13
PA - Parent of Skidmore alumna/us
PS - Parent of Skidmore student