Palamountain Scholarship Benefit

2015 Palamountain Honorary Committee


Honorary Chairs

Bruce K. Palamountain
Virginia Kraft Payson
Linda and Michael Toohey
President Philip A. and Marie B. Glotzbach
Mrs. Marylou Whitney and Mr. John Hendrickson
James and Susan Towne
Ray Bryan '94

Golden Mallet

Kenneth A. Freirich '90
Philip A. and Marie B. Glotzbach
Sally and Larry King
Will '92 and Tabitha '91 Orthwein
Linda and Michael Toohey


Keith and Terry Thomas Fulmer '76
Marcia and Jerry MacDonald
Jeffrey Maron '84
Axel and Sara Lee Lubin Schupf '62, P '83
Rear Admiral and Mrs. J.F. Dugan Shipway '70
Pat and Lew Titterton

Polo Player

Florence Andresen '57, Peter Birkel, and William Baumann
Barbara McIlveen Baldwin '61
Richard J. Bartholomew
Susan Gottlieb Beckerman '67
Rosemary Bourne '60
Ray Bryan '94
Meg '67 and Jack Carrothers
Joan '63 and Bob Dayton,P '93, P '90
Mary and Gary DiSanto-Rose
Marcus and Julie Fuller
Sibyl Waterman Haley '71
Canon Kay Carol Hotaling
Maxine Isaacs '69
Mark and Polly Kisiel '62
Michael and Marlene Okby
Virginia Kraft Payson
Margie and Michael Rotchford
Janet '59 and Stephen Whitman, P '87
Beverly B. Yunich '42

Polo Pony

The Adirondack Trust Company
Bart and Jeff Altamari
Clark W. Brink - McDonald’s of Saratoga
Charles and Charlotte Buchanan
Barbara M. Casey
Laura Chodos
Diana Clark Crookes '69 and Rick Crookes
Kathy and Charlie DiSanto
Anne C. Furman
Nan Guslander
Karen G. Hess '93 UWW
Libby and Tim Holmes
Mary and Leighton Jordan '78
Samantha Kercull
Susan and Jack Kress
Michael Trager and Sarah Loughran
Tamara Lupton-Valentine
Elliott and Cathy Masie
Beverley Mastrianni
Emily Farnham Mastrianni '76
Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott McGraw P '12
Beverly Harrison Miller '67 and Wayne Miller P '99
Jeannine and Dan Pendergast
Rosemarie V. Rosen
Saratoga Casino
Saratoga Preforming Arts Center
Dee Sarno
Holly Schwarz-Lawton
Marge O’Meara Storrs '57
Lucy Tower
Carrie Van Kloberg '68 and Scott Hinkle
Charles and Mary Lou Wheeler Jr.
Mayor Joanne D. Yepsen
Joanna Schneider Zangrando

Lifetime Members

Bill and Susan Law Dake '71
Claudine and John Hedbring
Karen E. and Robert J. Hughes, Jr.
Denise F. Polit
David and Helen Porter
EYP/Einhorn Yaffee Prescott
Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson