Senior Family Project

Class of 2014 Parents Fund

Give to the Senior Parents Fund
This successful fundraising project brings together parents, grandparents, and extended family members to honor and celebrate their graduating senior.

The senior parents fund has had a significant impact at Skidmore since 2001.  Skidmore parent volunteers launched the project, designed for three primary purposes:

When you make a gift of any amount, your senior's name will be inscribed on a brick in the patio adjacent to Case Center.  The brick pathway will serve as a permanent tribute to students' successes and help inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

The Class of 2014 Parents Fund Leadership Committee for 2013-14

The project is chaired by Alan and Marlene Gilbert and guided by a leadership committee of parents including James Bailey and Anne Shattuck; Fran Belasco; Michael and Roberta Joseph; Susan Goldberg and Simon Liu; Anne Rieselbach and Grant Marani; Helen Marston; Lawrie Mott; Jane and Mark O’Keeffe; Gary and Liz Schonfeld; Susan and Robert Smith; and Bess and Greg Goldstein.

For more information, contact Ann Dejnozka, Director of Family Leadership Giving at 518-580-5635 or e-mail: .