Phi Beta Kappa
Skidmore Chapter (Phi of New York)

Election Criteria

The Skidmore Chapter adheres closely to the national standards for election. In a nutshell, the standards stipulate that candidates shall have demonstrated excellence in the liberal arts and sciences through both the quality of their performance and the breadth of their interests.

NOTE: The evaluation of candidates is not an automatic process, and there is no guarantee of election if certain minimum standards are met; in particular, a high GPA is not, in and of itself, a guarantee of election -- although it is indispensable. Furthermore, the national body stipulates that no more than 10% of the BA candidates in any graduating class can be elected, which typically limits the Skidmore Chapter to approximately 35-40 new members per year.

Specifically, the Skidmore Chapter stipulates that new members shall meet the following criteria: