CTM Photo Contest

Skidmore In Molten Iron by Gabe Weintraub '12

Skidmore Soccer

Create What Matters by  Jessie Kavana '12

Stars Over Van Lennep by Joseph Murphy (staff)

CTM Photo Contest 2014

Voting is now closed. Click here to see the winners.

For the last six years, we've been making cash awards to members of the Skidmore community who take outstanding photographs illustrating Skidmore's people, places, and programs, and make them available to the College for use on the Web, in our publications, and on our walls. We've seen great photos and hope you'll take out your camera and start shooting for this year's contest. 

The broad theme of this year's contest is "Places We Live, Places We Love." Capture the places around campus where you live, study, eat, hang out, and work. And show us what you love about Saratoga Springs, from its lakes, parks and history to its amazing downtown.  

The deadline for entries to our 2014 contest is Tuesday, March 18.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Contest Prizes

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