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Art Supplies List


Download this list as a PDF
Download this list as a PDF

Materials List

AR-101 Intro to Painting (D. Bradford)

AR-111 Basic Ceramics (L. Sandler)

AR-115Z Intro to Fiber Arts Workshop (C. Barbone)

AR-131 Visual Concepts (K. Hemingway)

AR-133 Drawing (K. Hemingway)

AR-264Z Drawing Project Workshop

AR-229Z Beginning Photography Workshop (D. Gyscek)

AR-264H Image + Process = Book Workshop (T. Conrad)


AR-101 Intro to Painting

These items can be ordered from

PAINT:       40 ml tubes, oil

Titanium White (150 ml tube) Mars Black

Cadmium Yellow Lemon (or light) Cadmium Yellow Deep

Cadmium Red Light

Alizarin Crimson

Cerulean Blue or Cerulean Blue Chromium

Ultramarine Blue

Raw Sienna

*Note: Avoid color names using the term “hue”. These are of an inferior quality.

BRUSHES:    8 bristle brushes in a variety of sizes

Or, Sable brushes (better, but more expensive)


To begin with,   6 boards

12” x 14”


4 boards

16”x 20” and


2 boards

18”x 24”


Canvas Pad (12” x 16”) – contains 10 sheets

2 yards of cotton canvas (36” width or wider)

Lightweight stretcher bars 2 -20”, 4 -24”, 2- 28” – sizes may vary

Polymer primer (gesso) - pint size or larger

One 2” or 3” house painting brush

A disposable paper palette or hand-held wooden palette Small metal palette knife (Utrecht item # 32788 suggested) “Artbin” or small fishing tackle box for storage

Sketchbook, pencil, eraser

Cotton rags or an old T-shirt (for wiping brushes, hands, and for erasing) Ivory soap/soap dish

Pad lock

AR-111 Basic Ceramics

  • SMALL PARTICLE MASK (with double strap)
  • 5 QT. BUCKET
  • SANDPAPER - Medium & Fine
  • STEELWOOL – Fine
  • 2- #2 PENCILS
  • 1" Hake Brush
  • APRON (optional) SMALL
  • WOODEN PADDLES- Wooden Spoons, One By Two’s, etc.
  • Rubber Rib Tool​
  • Sketch Book


AR-115Z Intro to Fiber Arts Workshop Supply List    


Rubber gloves

Canvas or plastic apron

Fine tip Sharpie


3‐4 Foam brushes

2 Pocket folder with fasteners / extra paper

1 Silk Screen – 19” x 20” 230 mesh pre‐stretched aluminum screen from Skidmore Shop

2 mini cones 3/2 pearl cotton yarn any two colors one light/ one dark

Available at Skidmore Shop or by mail at

*1 pound cone white or natural 3/2 pearl cotton yarn Available at

*4 yards white or natural cotton fabric (ready to dye) from

 *Note: We can order these the first week of class to take advantage of volume discount.


AR-131 Visual Concepts (Figure)

AR-131Z Visual Concepts Workshop (Figure)

AR-133 Drawing

AR-264Z Drawing Project Workshop

Please be prepared with materials by the first class.

Paper - These can be purchased in the Skidmore Shop.

  • 1 pad, 18 x 24” or 22 x 30” or larger of newsprint paper (medium or rough surface) – 100 page minimum
  • 1 pad, 18 x 24” or   22 x 30” or larger of multimedia bond drawing paper (cold pressed surface w/texture) – 50 page minimum
  • 4 sheets of single sheets 22 x 30 or larger of high quality cold pressed drawing paper (i.e. Arches Cover, BFK Rives, Lenox, Stonehenge – store paper flat in portfolio case)


  • Compressed charcoal
  • Large sticks of vine charcoal (cigar size)
  • Vine charcoal sticks: 1 package of soft and medium (NO HARD)
  • Conte Sticks: black, sanguine (reddish brown), white – select B (medium) or 2B (soft) NO HARD
  • Drawing pencils, 1 of each: 6B, 4B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H
  • 1 Pink Pearl, Eberhard-Faber or hard white plastic one (Staedtler)
  • 2 Kneaded Erasers
  • 1 Gum Eraser


  • Chamois skin
  • Fixative: 1 – 2 cans of No. 1306 Krylon is Workable Fixative; No. 1303 Crystal Clear is permanent. Cheap Hair Spray is also good
  • Drafting Tape: 2 rolls
  • Utility knife or x-acto knife with refill blades
  • 2-4 large clips for attaching pads or individual sheets of paper to drawing boards
  • 1 ring binder to store hand-outs  *** Visual Concepts and Drawing only***
  • 1 portfolio case - the case has to be large enough to store your largest drawings
  • Sketch Book​
  • 1 tackle, toolbox, or art bin to store and transport your supplies
  • combination lock for storage locker
  • Graphite sticks (soft and medium)
  • Charcoal or conte pencils
  • Ebony pencil optional
  • Blending stump (tortillon)
  • 1 jar of black India Ink (nonwaterproof)
  • ink nibs and a pen
  • bamboo combination pen/brush (available in Skidmore Shop)


AR-229Z Beginning Photography Workshop

Supplies and equipment:

Camera: Each student must have access to a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera. This camera must function in the manually mode in order to control aperture and shutter speed during exposures. You camera must also have a functioning light meter.

There are many different makes and models of DSLR cameras. The DSLR camera comes in many different megapixel quality levels. Depending on your budget choose a camera with at least a 12 megapixel quality level or higher. Many of these models will work well for this course such as a Nikon or Canon. I suggest the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm 12.2 Megapixel Digital SLR. You can purchase a camera at several different stores such as Best Buy or Target. Search around on-line for the best prices. B& H Photo in NYC usually offer great deals on new and used cameras. You may also venture into the eBay or Craigslist worlds, but be advised that quality of equipment is often not guaranteed.

Camera Memory Card: The memory card is where your images are stored in your camera as you photograph. I suggest purchasing a 16GB memory card. 1 and 2GB cards are too small. If you purchase a camera package that includes either an 8 or 16GB memory card, then you don’t need to purchase an additional card.

Portable External Hard Drive 200GB or a 500GB: Any brand of a portable hard drive is fine to use for this course. I suggest buying it from the Skid Shop or Best Buy rather then using an on-line source. Wait to install and register your new hard drive on one of our photo lab Macs. Don’t register your hard drive on a PC computer.

Sketchbook: You will need a sketchbook with plain white pages to keep notes, paste photo images and clippings, as well as to make day-to-day journal entries and sketches. Make sure you choose a sketchbook that is conveniently sized so you can carry it with you at all times while allowing enough space to really utilize it.

Ink Jet Paper: I suggest only using Epson papers. Buy the Ultra Premium Matte surface Photo inkjet paper (8.5x11-inches, 50-sheets/box) and/or Ultra Premium Luster Photo Inkjet paper (8.5x11-inches, 50-sheets/box). You can purchase this at the Skid Shop, Staples or from an on-line source. This packet of paper will get you started, but you will purchase more paper throughout the semester.

Binder and Print Sleeves (optional): I suggest a 3 ring binder with several 8.5 x11 inch clear plastic sleeves to store and protect your photographic prints. Choose a 25 or 50 sheet pack of print sleeves.


 AR-264H Image + Process = Book Workshop

 Materials marked with * can be purchased at Talas ( or Hollander’s (

 If you have any questions please email

 Approx. 5 to 10 old Magazines You will use these to make a couple of demo books as we experiment with new bindings.

 *1 Bone Folder

 1 Pair of Scissors

 1 Exacto Knife with extra blades

 *Bookbinder’s Needles (#1Bookbinder’s 2 3/8 x 19 gauge)

 *2 or 3 Sheets of Binder’s Board (or Davey board) 20 x 30 inches each. Or a Package of Four 15.5 x 20

 2 Pencils (4H) Tweezers

Small Squirt Bottle (from the grocery store) White Eraser Staedler

*Small Awl (which can be purchased from Talas, Hollanders or Daniel Smith)

 *2 Glue Brushes (one small and one large) if you want to save money these can

be bought a variety of stores (not specifically for bookbinding) Small Metal ruler (12 inch or so)

Wax Paper (can be purchased from a grocery store)

 *Paper Backed Cloth-­This is available through Talas or Hollander’s you cannot find it in Saratoga. Buy one yard of Asahi or Iris. If you find more you are interested in feel free to get more. We will use about a yard on a variety of books. You may be able to trade with others if you want a variety of colored books.

 Decorative Papers-­Purchase some decorative papers you are interested in. You

can find them at a variety of places. Soave Faire (Saratoga Springs art store) has a small variety to choose from.  

 *Papers-­‐ If you are ordering from Talas I recommend purchasing some Mohawk superfine 24lb or 80 lb 25 x 38. Approx. 10 sheets. The paper you need to purchase should be lightweight acid free paper. Purchasing paper will be your largest expense and projects will evolve. So you will be purchasing paper throughout the semester.


Magic Eraser

Googles Dust Masks Papertowels Paper

Disposable Gloves


Binder’s board – I have enough binder’s board for your first few projects. You will run out of what I give you. It can be purchased at the Skidmore store and/or Soave Faire.


Shopping: There are ways to reduce your cost when purchasing art supplies. Online stores generally have better prices, though you forfeit being able to actually look at something (like different papers). Here are some suggested places:


Pearl Paint

Jerry’s Artarama

Cheap Joes


New York Central This is a store with very knowledgeable staff, but it will be more expensive. They have a dedicated paper department upstairs. Worth visiting (to look over different papers) if you are in NYC.