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Summer Pre-College

Amelia GAmelia G - Newton, MA - High School Senior

 Why did you choose Skidmore's Pre-College Program?

I chose this program because it offered college credit which appealed to me, especially since I’m not taking a large amount of AP classes next year, so I thought it would give me a better understanding of how challenging college courses are and how to approach them. I am also interested in Skidmore and thought it would give me a nice feel for what college is like before going to college.

What has been the best part of your Pre-College experience?

I’ve enjoyed pretty much every part of it. My classes have been great. The friendships I’ve made have been a highlight as well.

How will your Pre-College experience prepare you for your transition to college?

I definitely feel like spending five weeks in a dorm taking college classes gives a nice preview on a smaller-scale of what college is like. I’ve learned how to approach college classes. I’m not as worried about taking college exams, writing essays and knowing how to study. I’m also more prepared in terms of knowing what to bring and how to adapt socially to being in a new environment.

Do you have any special advice for prospective students considering the program?

This program is really what you make of it. If you want to spend the whole five weeks in your room, no one’s going to bother you if you stay by yourself. But if you put yourself out there and are willing to try new things, you can make plenty of friends and have a great time like I have.

What is your favorite Pre-College memory?

There was one day when a group of friends and I went into town with no plans of where we’d go, just to experience Saratoga Springs. I got to know my friends better and got to experience this great town. It was a Friday, and there were all these street performers and we had a great time. Saratoga Springs is a really great town, and looking back on my five weeks, the best experiences have been getting to know the town and this great setting. But I also have a lot of great memories in my classes, getting to know my classmates and my professors, and fun moments in class discussions.