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Summer Pre-College

Jon OJonathan O. - Brooklyn, NY - High School Senior

Why did you choose Skidmore's Pre-College Program?

I chose Skidmore's Pre-College Program because it allowed me to experience what actual college classes and college life are like.

What has been the best part of your Pre-College experience?

I would have to say meeting new people and swimming at the Athletic Center.

How will your Pre-College experience prepare you for your transition to college?

It allowed me to understand how college really works. I used to think college is really stressful and hard, but this experience took that fear away because I saw it was less stressful than I thought it would be.

Do you have any special advice for prospective students considering the program?

Make time to study and socialize, because that was a really hard thing for me to do in the beginning. Since my classes ended late, I didn’t want to do work as much at night, but found it was more difficult to get my work done in the morning.

What is your favorite Pre-College memory?

The trip to Lake George. I love going to beach!