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Summer Pre-College

Joshua Sager '19Q&A with Pre-College Grad Joshua Sager 

Josh Sager is a government major and English minor from Pottstown, Penn. He isn’t sure what his future plans will be after he graduates from Skidmore, but law school is a real possibility. This summer, he has lined up an internship with U.S. Representative Ryan Costello, his congressman, so he is considering campaign work as well.

Pre-College Courses…

Anthropology and English 105

Favorite part of Pre-College?

I really liked the sense of community that the program fostered.  

Did Pre-College help you academically?

The biggest challenge I faced was the difference in the quality of work expected between high school and college. It certainly helped me raise my level, and my writing definitely improved.

Did Pre-College influence your college search?

When I applied to the program I was pretty sure I was going to apply to Skidmore, but after my experience Skidmore became my first choice.

Did Pre-College help your transition to college?

I think it smoothed it out a little bit because I already knew what was expected of me academically.

Would you recommend the Pre-College Program to others?

I would recommend the program to anybody on the fence about applying to Skidmore or a liberal arts school. There’s nothing better than trying it on ahead of time before you commit.