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Summer Pre-College

Kim CKimberley C - Queens, NY - High School Senior

Kimberly chose the Skidmore Pre-College program because the Enrichment Coordinator at her high school suggested it to her. Given Kimberly’s varied interests it’s not surprise that this was the program she was encouraged to enroll in. The highlight of Kimberly’s experience here has been her Religion and Culture class. Kimberly explained that in her high school the faculty tries to avoid the volatile topic of religion so it’s exciting to address the issues that are normally glossed over. Kimberly has particularly enjoyed the wide-array of religions that the readings have dealt with: “The readings are really good because there’s such a you get to do a lot of readings of different religions and cultures.” Kimberly has also enjoyed meeting new people with different backgrounds and exploring downtown Saratoga. Of course, like any other teenager,

Kimberly loves hanging out at the mall with her friends. Kimberly went on to explain that the pre-college program his given her valuable experiences that will prepare her for college such as living in a dorm and eating at the dining hall. She also explained that “It shows me a lot about the work load.” When asked if she had any advice for prospective students, Kimberly emphatically stated that they should choose classes that interest them. Outside of class Kimberly is president of her high school’s JSA, which is a club that debates current political issues. She also loves to read, her favorite book is Fire by Kristen Cashore. Kimberly’s fondest memory form the pre-college program is rushing back from town with her friends so that they would be sure to make curfew.