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Summer Pre-College

Louis D - Santa Rosa, CA - High School Senior

Louis DLouie is a rising senior from San Francisco. He attends the Waldorf School during the year. Louie chose Skidmore’s pre-college program because, out of all the summer programs he and his parents looked at, Skidmore’s was the most writing-intensive. As a potential English major, being able to explore a writing program at the college level was at the top of Louie’s priority list. Another aspect of the program that appealed to him was the introductory Psychology course offered at Skidmore. Learning about the human mind, particularly in relation to religion, has always appealed to Louie. According to Louie, the best part of the pre-college experience so far has been being able to work at the college level before college. He says: “The classes and professors are much more relaxed than I expected. It’s nice to be here with other kids my age that are motivated and who really want to be here.” The work that Louie’s doing has helped him prepare for college because he is now no longer intimidated by the idea of writing at the college level, a skill which he knows will be important to his future studies.

In his own words: “It’s helped me to know what to expect.” Louie’s advice for students considering the pre-college program at Skidmore is that the work, while challenging, is very manageable and “not as scary” as it seemed. He added: “It’s great to be around other students who are as motivated as I am. I would definitely recommend it.” In addition to English, Louie intends to study music composition on the piano. He also loves gymnastics, particularly floor tumbling. After watching others compete in this sport, Louie felt he had to try it for himself. He’s now at the level of the competitors that originally inspired him. As Louie explained, “It’s inspiring to be able to set a goal and achieve it.”